Under the initiative of Dr Iftikhar Ahmad (late), SOFT came in to being a private sector custodian of FFS learning system for professional facilitators working across Pakistan. SOFT is a not for profit society created in 2009, after a 10 years of implementation of FFS-based IPM in Pakistan. It was created by a group of professionals with a mission to empower people through developing capacities of individuals, groups and institutions to pursue sustainable and peaceful livelihood development through FFS learning system without compromising their freedom and quality of life.


SOFT emerged from the last 10 years efforts of IPM-FFS Professionals from the platform of National IPM Programme implemented in different phases all over the country and was registered under Society Act 1860 in 2009.

SOFT represents a Network of 43 organizations of smallholder farmers that have emerged as a result of IPM-FFS Programme through out Pakistan by sharing responsibility and resources for empowering members of the network.

Alliance 2030 is a partnership of 40+ like minded smallholder farmers organizations working in the field of empowering people through inquiry based field school learning system to combat rising hunger and malnutrition. 

FFS Institutionalization in Pakistan

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